The Evolution of Conversion Marketing


Updated 2019

It has never been easier to build a business than it is today. 

Think about, the internet has completely changed the world’s business landscape. Outside of licensing restrictions, everyone is local. You can live in a small southern town and consistently attract and close clients anywhere in the world. 

Your 10 or 50-mile marketing area has just gone global or at least national. If you can get licensed in a particular state you can use the interwebs to generate qualified clients by the bucket full, without leaving your office. That is nothing short of incredible. 

The Evolution of Conversion Marketing online today gives the power to the salesperson. In order to better understand today’s opportunities let’s take a stroll through digital marketing conversion history.

Page Views


Back in the lazy good old days, when I say the good old days I am speaking from the marketer’s perspective only. All we had to do was to get your display ad in front of people. As long as people saw your ad we declared the campaign successful. We loving refer to this as the Pageview or if you want in on the industry lingo we in the know refer to this as the PV. I blame the overuse of this lame-ass metric 100% on newspaper companies and our friends at the yellow pages. See back in the print hay day that’s all the paper and the yellow pages had to do. They created your ad, got it in front of people and boom their job was done. Their job was done because we had no real way of measuring the success of a print ad. Sure we could use coupons and call tracking numbers. I wouldn’t chalk those two concepts up as analytics. At least not as we know analytics today. 

With today’s analytics, we get to see the flaws in the “Pageviews” (PV) as a signal of success methodology. So many factors went into disproving this as the winning metric. First was shelf life or as we say in the industry, ad blindness. What we learned is the shelf-life of a display ad was two weeks at best. Using analytics we could see the shelf-life of a single creative. It was like clockwork, once the ad hit the two-week mark the click-through rates or consumer interaction almost disappeared. As marketers, we learned in order to keep getting results we need to refresh the creative every two weeks. How the hell do you do that in the yellow pages print directories once a year? Or the newspaper would run the same ads for 6 weeks? If ad blindness didn’t kill your results then ad blocking would.

Wait, what??? What is ad blocking? It’s not bad enough that after two weeks no one pays attention to your ads anymore they can now download software that literally blocks your ads from even being seen. As of 2019, we are hearing that search engines will be blocking tracking pixels as a standard practice. What does that mean for you? That means your Facebook pixels will stop recording the data needed in order to run a retargeting campaign. Why does that suck? Simple, retargeting campaigns are wicked effective and super affordable. What is a retargeting campaign? Have you ever looked at a pair of shoes on Amazon and ten minutes later you are on Facebook and magically the same pair of shoes is pictured in an ad in your Facebook feed? That is a retargeting ad. If you recall this happening to you then you also understand the power of a retargeting campaign. 

Far all the reasons above Pageviews (PV for short) is not the metric we need when measuring the success of our online advertising efforts. And for obvious reason, you now know why this metric is absolute. 

Click-Through Rate (CTR for short)


Once Page Views proved to have zero value for proving advertising effectiveness we moved into the age of the CTR (Click Through Rate). This is my favorite crap metric of all. This has to be hands down what they mean when they say the blind leading the blind. 

Back in the day, you would hear things from digital marketers like, “no, no Mr/Mrs. Client your digital campaigns are killing it, I mean your Click-trough rates (CTR) are through the roof!” or my personal favorite “I will stop by tomorrow and show you why your digital campaigns are doing great, you will see.” The latter was the standard reply to a client calling and syaing “cancel this crap it is not performing, I am not making any money!” 

The hard truth for the digital marketer is the client was right. The almighty click was not converting into the almighty-er dollar and from the client’s perspective the campaign wasn’t performing. Until you can pay for life with a click the almighty dollar wins the day. 

Don’t get me wrong the click is an important metric. We use the click as the first indication that we have isolated the right audience. But the click is not the end all be all. If that click failed to deliver a sales appointment or a sale then all it is is proof we spent your money. As a stand-alone indicator of campaign success, it 1000% misses the boat. As the advertising public started to catch on to empty calories of the click marketers had to change their conversation to something more meaningful, like leads! Now leads are exciting, right?! They can be or they can be a new way of spelling clicks!

Leads or Forms Fills


Alright, now we are getting somewhere. We are getting leads!!!! Finally, the conversation is heading in the right direction. Who the hell doesn’t want leads? And not just any leads, these are written in leads, the holy grail of the leads, the Glenn Gary Glenn Ross leads. Or at least 10-20% of them are, conservatively. The problem with leads is we or our sales teams still have to call them, scrub them, qualify them, schedule a sales call with them and ultimately turn them into paying clients.  

If the lead list is 80-90% shit then the exercise of scrubbing the list is guaranteed to turn off the best of sales talent. Nobody likes their first run through a so-so lead list. If we are lucky we will extract a few deals from the first scrub. And let’s hope we do otherwise your sales team will never call those leads again. You will hear things like “these leads suck!” However, most salespeople will very rarely take a second run through the list and for the few that will only one or two (if you hired well) will take a third trip around the sun with the same list. This lends itself to two major issues, a huge pile of your advertising budget is being wasted and your companies future revenues are being left on the table (more like the garbage can). 

I know this sounds like nothing but doom and gloom. Have no fear, the Evolution of Conversion is here! 



Yes, we all know appointments are not new. We also know from a sales perspective the appointment is the equivalent of the perfect ending to a great date, “would you like to come in for some…” 

See the appointment jumps the prospecting continental divide and lands you smack dab in the middle of sales land. 

This is where “the money is made.” The best part of selling is… well, selling. Not prospecting or scrubbing lead list. The beauty of the evolution of the conversion is we can use lead generating systems across many digital platforms to generate fresh new leads, combined with our in-house phone room to scrub, qualify and set appointments for you. All you have to do is show up and sell! You get to do all of the sales fun without any of the sales work. The best part is our team will generate exclusive leads for you, we will then phone verify the lead and verify the application they fill out for accuracy and suitability. Based on your avaiablity we will schedule sales calls for you on your calendar. Say goodbye to wasting advertising budget and leaving future revenues on the table our team will chase each lead over the next 12 months ensuring you do not leave any money on the table. 80% of sales are made between the 5th and 20th point of contact. 80% of salespeople give up after the 2nd attempt. Stop wasting your time, your talent and money schedule a call today with our team.