No, this is not an IMO/FMO Program

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Alan is 2 months in and has already earned $44k in commissions

Ari already has 9 policies in his pipeline

James landed a $15 Million policy on his second call

Larry has already earned over $60k


The beauty of automation is simple really… Automation doesn’t have an attitude, it never has a bad day, it doesn't have a fight with their wife doesn't have a fight with the girlfriend doesn't have a fight with a boyfriend it doesn't get cold doesn't have a bad attitude doesn't have a drug problem doesn't go out drinking the night before it doesn’t do any of the things that affect the success of somebody talking to somebody else on the phone to qualify them in or to qualify them out.

It is consistent, it works 24/7 and it does exactly what it is told to do. Good information in gets good information out. Bad information gets bad information out.

No Contracts No Problem!

We do not lock you into a long term contract, you can cancel anytime, or love us and stay forever! We believe in earning our seat at the table. We have zero issues with doing a month to month. If we do our job then you will stay. If you're smart you will! 

Our Guarantee

100% Satisfaction-Guarantee

Trust is always the hardest thing to do especially when you do not know each other. We know everyone has been "burned" by some “digital marketing experts" in the past. We do not want past experience and fear of the unknown to keep you from pulling the trigger for that reason, we believe guarantees go both ways. We guarantee to work our butts off to get you the best possible sales opportunities for our partners (that’s you). As our partner, we expect you to guarantee that you will fight for each sales opportunity created for you as your paycheck depends on it. If we are both committed to your success what else do we need? Our guarantee is more of a  pledge, we both pledge to work our butts off in tandem to generate and work the best sales opportunities the internet has to offer.  (If that’s not enough for you then this isn’t the right program for you, fair?). 

Ask yourself, “Am I willing to work just as hard to close the best appointments as I do to close the sales appointment I set for myself?  If the answer is “Yes, I am willing to work hard for my success regardless of the lead source” then this IS the program for you!

The best part of waking up is appointments in your calendar!